About Us

Bonjour! I am Catherine and I have had the pleasure of teaching French for the past 14 years since I moved to Australia with my husband Andrew (who is Australian).

We have 3 children, Juliette, Alice and Eloise who are all bi-lingual and who I try to share my culture with.

I love teaching French – in all its forms. Whether its singing with pre-school children, correcting an essay with university students or sipping coffee and discussing the current French news with speaking students. Every person learns at their own speed and in their own way and my role is to work with you to give you the confidence and skill to use and enjoy your French.

One-on-One Classes

Some people like the personalised approach and my one-on-one classes are perfect for this. If you have a specific reason for learning French, we will work on that. Otherwise I can provide you with a tailored plan to get you to where you want to be.

Small Group Classes

Do you and some friends want to get together to learn French? This type of class can be a lot of fun – its informal, friendly and we learn to laugh at ourselves, embrace our mistakes and turn them into learning opportunities.

Classroom Courses

If you run a training organisation, I can run French classes for you. Complete with my own customisable program, these classes can be from 5-15 students.

Kids play French

Perfect for pre-schools or play groups, Juliette (my French speaking puppet) and I can give your children a wonderful introduction to French in a fun focused format.

French at home

Let’s have 100% French conversation online with me, your native French teacher!

French at home is ideal for intermediate or advanced level students. Choose your method of communication, phone or your favorite video platform. Pick your pace and your conversation topic and let’s refine your fluency.

Book your trial online conversation in French now!